AION Smart Home

Meet AION Home. Fine-tune your comfort.

Innovative smart home application designed for you to make your life easier.

Your home adapts to your needs.

Schedule your home devices, lights or shutters to be turend on/off based on your needs

Customize your automations


Home appliances will run based on the time you set (Once, Daily, Custom or on Sunrise/Sunset).


Home appliances will run based on the temperature or humidity of your home.

Location Based

Home appliances will run when you get close or away from your home.

Tap to Run

Home appliances will run with a single tap.

Get the most of AION Home.

Features specially made for you

Family Sharing

Grant access to your family members by sharing your home with them.


Service and support from the professionals who know your AION products best.


Control your AION devices from Apple Home, Google Home or Alexa.

The easiest way to turn your home smart

All you need is just an AION Switch and WIFI.

AION Switches Family

Whatever your device is we will turn it SMART

Light and device Switch

Control your LED lights, Dimmable lights, and any Plugable devices.

Air Conditioner Switch

Control and Automate any Air Conditioner.

Shutter Switch

Control and Automate any Shutter, Motorized Curtain and Garage doors.

What makes AION Switch Exceptional

We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience.

WIFI Touch Switches

Easy to install Smart WIFI touch Switch that you can install by yourself.


We offer 5 years replacement warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.

Made in Egypt

Proudly designed and Manufactured in EGYPT by AION Innovations.

No Extra Products needed

It doesn’t require extending more electrical cables, buying extra hubs or products only your home WIFI router.

Remote Access

Control and Monitor your home devices wherever you are easily using our innovative mobile application.

Switch standards

AION Switches work on the most trusted standards in Egypt

Being part of your home means respecting your privacy.

• We will never collect your personal data. • We will never use your data to track you. • We will never sell your personal information to anyone. • You can always hide or delete your data.

AION Switches

The Ultimate Smart Home Solution. Hassle-free installation, Innovative application, Automation without hubs, Energy saving, Unlimited support, 5 years replacment warranty and more.

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